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Worksport™ manufactures high quality, cost effective tonneau covers for the light duty truck market. Worksport’s latest innovation, TerraVis™, a solar-based tonneau cover, uses the sun to produce onboard power for pickup trucks. The company’s brand means innovation, affordability and dependability — the sweet spot for this market. Worksport tonneau covers currently serve customers in the United States and Canada.


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Key Success Indicators

Success in any consumer market requires the right combination of product innovation, market growth opportunity and a compelling value proposition. We believe that Worksport™ has all three as presented below.


The soon to be released TerraVis™ combines a high quality tonneau cover with an ability to capture rays from the sun to create energy which can be used to power electrical equipment and/or extend the range of electric light duty trucks.

TerraVis™ provides three key insights into why Worksport™ is destined to be a market leader. First, it demonstrates the company’s leadership in product development. Second, it shows its understanding of the need for environmentally friendly products that are also functional and highly effective in serving the evolving needs of the end user. Third, its market entry is time to when awareness of the need for environmentally friendly products meets the increasing demand for products that can multi-task without sacrificing quality or efficiency. This innovation makes Worksport one of the best companies to invest in. The management always looks to future growth opportunities backed up with innovative products.

Value Proposition

Worksport’s value proposition is a powerful blend of its innovative and affordable products combined with its outstanding opportunity to gain significant market share in a growing market.

Market Growth Opportunity

When combined, Worksport and its competitors have only penetrated 22 percent of the market which means that a full 78 percent of light duty pickup truck owners do not have tonneau covers for their vehicles.

As the automobile market continues to increase its production of light duty trucks, Worksport is poised for massive and sustainable growth. This massive growth is what really drives Worksport to be one of the best companies to invest in. Invest in FNHI

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