Mississauga – April 26, 2022 – Worksport Ltd (Nasdaq: WKSP) (the “Company”) unveils brand new green hydrogen-powered systems from its research and development subsidiary, Terravis Energy, Inc.

The Terravis Energy website provides information on everything being released, answering those questions about capabilities of its versatile, fast charging Non-Parasitic Electric Vehicle (NPEV™) systems, the Terravis Energy Microgrid, and the Terravis Energy Nanogrid, as well as featuring some surprise innovations. The public is encouraged to peruse the website and do high-level research on what is possible with these Terravis Energy innovations.

A number of Terravis Energy NPEV™ fast charging systems, the Terravis Energy Microgrid and Terravis Energy Nanogrid have already been requested from several Canadian businesses. The Terravis Energy website provides insights into the various applications for these technologies. For example, the Terravis Energy Nanogrid is specifically designed to power a single household and the Terravis Energy Microgrid is a clean, modular power solution for large data centres and small communities, scalable to several hundred megawatts.

These solutions will benefit municipalities and provide increased infrastructure reliability for such industries as electric vehicles (both BEV & FCEV), agriculture, and blockchain. Terravis Energy is reimagining the essence of sustainable energy in relation to lifestyles and ensuring as many people and communities as possible can experience the benefits.

“Going live for the very first time is a very exciting event. The Terravis Energy website represents the work of many talented and dedicated people who have spent countless hours making this occasion a memorable one. The single most important purpose for the Terravis Energy website is communication. As such, it will be continually updated with new information as it becomes material. For an especially energizing, high-level experience, I would recommend taking a few minutes to enjoy our video. Clean energy is the future, and the future is now,” said Lorenzo H. Rossi, CEO Terravis Energy.