Mississauga – December 15, 2021 — Worksport Ltd (Nasdaq: WKSP) (the “Company”) continues adding to and developing its in-house IP portfolio focused on the sustainable energy markets. The Company now holds 30 patents and 24 trademarks to date, providing protective rights for its solar-integrated products, its Hydrogen fuel cell-powered systems, as well as its conventional tonneau cover products.

This, in turn, provides the Company with full controlling rights on its proprietary mechanical components, electrical/electronics concepts, thermal management, manufacturability considerations, failsafe contingencies, sizing constraints, and mobility aspects.

The Company recently filed for a patent protecting a wire management system, designed to safeguard any kind of electrical component that is hosted by both soft-fold and hard-fold tonneau covers from overly aggressive usage.  Management believes this system will be invaluable to Worksport as Photovoltaic (“PV”) cell structures become more prevalent in the automotive markets.

Another example is a patent for the Company’s NPEV fast-charging stations, which includes a plurality of hydrogen fuel cells (HFC) configured to convert hydrogen into electricity.  The key advantage is to be non-parasitic, where the system does not require coupling to a commercial power grid – – conducive for relocating.  Management believes this capability will provide for a variety of implementations and versatility.

“Our competitive, in-house IP portfolio has allowed us to evolve our business strategies that we believe will pay dividends year after year after year.  We will continue building it up as we champion our business programs across the globe,” said Steven Rossi, CEO Worksport.