Mississauga – January 18, 2022 — Worksport Ltd (Nasdaq: WKSP) (the “Company”) has started the countdown to unveil a brand website that will showcase all the products from its wholly owned subsidiary Terravis Energy, Inc.

The Terravis Energy website will provide information pertinent to all that the R&D powerhouse has in the works, answering those burning questions its community has been asking.  From its versatile, fast charging Non-Parasitic Electric Vehicle (NPEV) systems to its Terravis Microgrid™ technology, the public will be able to peruse the website and do high-level research on what is possible with the Terravis Energy innovations.

As previously mentioned, a number of NPEV fast charging systems have already been requested from several Canadian businesses.  The same is true for the Terravis Energy Terravis Microgrid™ systems.  The Terravis Energy website will provide insights into the various applications for this particular technology, including how it will benefit municipalities and provide increased infrastructure reliability for such industries as agriculture and blockchain.

“Our website will be a window into the future. We will provide as much information as possible covering Terravis Energy’s deliverables, which are deeply focused on transportation decarbonization and the net zero/net positive greenhouses of tomorrow via our Terravis Microgrid™,” said Lorenzo H. Rossi, CEO Terravis Energy.