Mississauga – November 9, 2021 — Worksport Ltd’s (Nasdaq-CM: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company”) wholly owned subsidiary Terravis Energy has engaged consulting agency, Kealey & Associates to provide it with guidance with respect to introducing Terravis’ R&D initiatives to various agencies with the Canadian governments.

Kealey & Associates is a consulting agency with a strong focus on strategy and advocacy for its clients. The agency’s team has over 20 years of experience in the business practices of strategic communications, management consulting, and public policy advocacy in health care, energy, consumer packaged goods, sales, and marketing. Mr. Kealey and his team of consultants have in-depth political experience and expertise that has positively influenced public policy and legislation across North America. Kealey & Associates has effectively combined business and political proficiencies to provide the most strategic and effective advice and programs for its clients over the years.

Terravis Energy CEO Lorenzo H. Rossi comments, “We are excited to work with Marc and his team as we gear up for this next phase of large-scale business, which requires special introductions to government dynamics. Our teams at Worksport and Terravis Energy look forward to showcasing our game-changing technologies to the world, especially to those communities across Canada that are in desperate need for sustainable solutions.”

Kealey & Associates’ strategies and programs maximize potential outcomes by minimizing, and in some cases eliminating altogether, potential barriers to government-wide opportunities. Their comprehensive understanding of government dynamics and first-hand experience of government policy initiatives and legislation mechanics ensure that any potential barriers are identified and addressed before the gates open. In the 21st century, one must know the process, the bureaucrats, and the stakeholders. Worksport is innovating at breakneck speed in fairly regulated markets and has strategically signed with Kealey & Associates to weave through government dynamics to maximize Company programs.

The Company’s commitment to decarbonizing transportation and shifting consumer mindsets toward sustainable energy technologies is driven stronger every day. Management believes that the Company’s solar-integrated as well as Hydrogen-based solutions have immense potential to weave seamlessly into people’s lifestyles, enhancing their respective utilities. And with Terravis Systems now available for Preorder, Worksport’s Terravis line of products are right around the corner of automated Production.