Mississauga – February 08, 2022 — Worksport Ltd (Nasdaq: WKSP) (the “Company”) management has decided to delay the unveiling of brand new energy solutions from its subsidiary Terravis Energy for a few weeks to ensure all technical details are accurate and appropriately organized. Additionally, innovations that have transpired these past few weeks need to be featured in their best light, requiring more preparation time.

The Terravis Energy website will provide up-to-date, accurate information on all offerings. It will answer those questions about the capabilities of its versatile, fast charging Non-Parasitic Electric Vehicle (NPEV™) systems and the Terravis Microgrid™, as well as feature several variations of these technologies that have reached the product stage.

Management expected to make subsequent announcements on these developments months in the future, but the Company brought them to fruition ahead of timelines. In ensuring that the Terravis Energy website is fully prepared for the public eye, management asks its community to exercise a few more weeks of patience.

“On behalf of Terravis Energy, I am deeply sorry for this delay. The Terravis Energy website will represent the work of many talented and dedicated people who have already spent countless hours making the unveiling occasion memorable. We cannot wait to release everything. Please take a few minutes to enjoy our video during this extended waiting period. The future is coming soon,” said Lorenzo H. Rossi, CEO of Terravis Energy.