Mississauga, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Worksport Ltd (Nasdaq-CM: WKSP; WKSPW) (“Worksport” or the “Company”), through its subsidiary Terravis Energy, Inc. (or “Terravis Energy”), today outlined additional details on its collaboration with Ontario Tech University to develop Terravis Energy’s NP (non-parasitic) hydrogen solutions.

This initiative is part of a two-year, $2.3 million project funded equally by Worksport and the Canadian Government that will incorporate efforts and resources from Worksport, Terravis Energy, an OTU research team led by Dr. Sheldon Williamson, and the Canadian government. The collaboration will include R&D teams of professors, PhD candidates, and post-Doctoral fellowships in a collective effort to bring groundbreaking, grid-independent, green energy solutions to market. The teams will also have full access to the unique, world-renowned Ontario Tech-Automotive Center of Excellence (ACE), the first commercial automotive research, development, and innovation center of its kind in the world. The facility includes a comprehensive array of testing equipment – including one of the largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels on the planet. The OTU-ACE climatic wind tunnel is a place where world-class researchers and engineers collaborate to create, test, and validate paradigm-shifting innovations. General Motors, for example, used the OTU-ACE’s climatic wind tunnel to test its Hummer EV.

Dr. Williamson is a professor at Ontario Tech University and holds the NSERC Canada Research Chair position in Electric Energy Storage Systems for Transportation Electrification. “This project has initiated the development for the next generation of high-power, sustainable, and non-parasitic (grid-independent) solutions,” said Williamson. “We expect there will be enormous demand in the markets for electrified transportation and power infrastructure within Canada and across North America, especially in grid-constrained locations. Ontario Tech University is very excited to join hands with Worksport Ltd. in this collaborative R&D effort, which will help identify current research challenges, and lead to the development of world-class innovative solutions.”

The Company’s research with Ontario Tech University thus far has uncovered what Company management believes will be new, lucrative paths to clean energy adoption by the market, possibly paving the way for additional backing from the Canadian Government. Among the many breakthroughs that have come from this collaboration to date is the system’s charging rate enhancement modularity. This development enables increased charging capabilities as battery technologies evolve, and it represents a significant milestone in Terravis Energy’s positioning as an industry innovator.

Terravis Energy, Inc. President & CEO Lorenzo Rossi comments, “We believe our process for integrating and utilizing Hydrogen fuel cells into NP (non-parasitic) systems will demonstrably shift consumer mindsets to adopt our grid-independent clean energy solutions over systems that aren’t as environmentally friendly. We’re believe that our full access to the OTU-ACE and our collaboration with the incredible minds from the University will allow us to demonstrate our first iteration of fast charger prototypes sometime in 2022.”

In addition to use of the OUT-ACE, the research teams will have access to cutting-edge facilities and research equipment in the Advanced Storage Systems and Electric Transportation (ASSET) lab, which boasts equipment such as battery pack and cell simulators, programmable loads, regenerative grid simulators, and advanced thermal chambers. This specialized equipment is unique and available only to Prof. Williamson’s lab.

Lastly, the Company will also have access to the world-renowned Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL), a cutting-edge laboratory that pioneers in clean energy research – more specifically clean hydrogen production and fuel cell technology.