Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, May 17, 2023 — Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) is pleased to announce that in preparation for the Company’s anticipated launch of its light truck hardcover assembly in its wholly owned 220,000 sq. ft. West Seneca, N.Y. manufacturing facility, the Company has hired ten new staff members, including Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers.

“Achieving milestone after milestone, that’s Worksport today. We forecasted that we would build out our U.S. factory, and we have. Now we are adding the skilled employees to operate it,” said CEO Steven Rossi. “We are so excited and proud to welcome these new top-quality individuals to our staff. They come from the local community, and as an employer, we are proud to be a positive economic force in Western New York.”

In addition to the Company’s new Manufacturing and Industrial engineers, other projected staff include new employees in enterprise resource planning (ERP), Office Administration, Quality Management, and Buying and Planning. “In full operation, the Company is expected to hire new individuals in maintenance, as well as operational and assembly personnel,” Rossi said.

“With the new personnel in place, the Company is one step closer to starting U.S. assembly of our hard folding tonneau covers in Western N.Y.,” Rossi said. “After much testing and training, we anticipate our new manufacturing line’s smooth and efficient operation. Several customers are reviewing samples of our covers for final approval, and we believe we are very close to having the Company’s private-labelled hard-folding covers market-ready, in the hands of customers ready to purchase large quantities of our U.S.-assembled products. We are progressing toward our long-predicted goal of revenue growth as soon as production begins.”

The Company also anticipates providing additional information to investors and shareholders about the expected production launch and its newly improved COR advanced hot-swap battery system, which must be tested and completed before its companion SOLIS solar tonneau cover can be produced and sold.