Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada – August 17, 2022/ — Worksport Ltd.(Nasdaq: WKSP) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) and its subsidiaries, an innovator of automotive aftermarket accessories and off-grid energy solutions announces the launch of its eCommerce platform. Worksport, with its patented truck bed tonneau cover designs aims to provide the EV and ESS industries with renewable energy and solar PV solutions, integrations for the sustainable, and personal clean energy to the automotive, recreational vehicle industries and communities as well as outdoor enthusiasts.

We are thrilled that the marketplace is excited about our patented, proprietary SOLIS and COR portable nanogrid system.”

— Mr. Steven Rossi, Chief Executive Officer, Worksport Ltd.

Through the newly launched e-Commerce platform, the Company will begin selling the SC3, SC3 Pro and SC4 proprietary, patented truck bed tonneau covers for light trucks. A DTC (direct-to-consumer) site, will later add its uniquely designed hard cover, TC3, along with others that feature multiple user experience updates.

The online platform will also be the home for the Company’s widely anticipated flagship products, SOLIS, the folding truck bed tonneau cover with integrated solar panels and COR, its portable energy storage system with modular batteries and Advanced hot-swap technology.

“We will soon be ready to deliver our ‘Made-in-USA’ TC3 hard cover and SOLIS solar cover along with Terravis Energy grid-connected level two and three chargers soon following, all of which will be produced at our New York production facility. For our direct, online customers, we plan this process to be seamless, with quality products reaching them rapidly and cost-effectively.” Rossi added.

“The new facility, our expanded staff and eCommerce site is the result of two years’ worth of planning, and we believe it will permit Worksport to take complete control of its production and sales pipelines for all its current and future products. Parallel eCommerce sites are also available on Wal-Mart, Amazon and eBay, which will help realize revenue sooner rather than later in 2022.” Rossi said. Steven Rossi also added “We will be selecting a few pre-ordering customers ahead of the official launch of SOLIS and COR on the Worksport eCommerce site to receive the first production ready versions of the product prior to its official sale at a discounted price.

Worksport will provide updates on all Company initiatives as the Company’s journey to rebuild itself brings to fruition its previously announced initiatives, including U.S. manufacturing and distribution and the introduction of SOLIS, the world’s first folding, solar-integrated truck bed cover and energy storage system for both conventional and EV pick-ups.