Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, April 12, 2023 — Steven Rossi, CEO of Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”), appeared recently as a panelist at the Electric Vehicle and Auto Tech Virtual Conference presented by Maxim Group, where he discussed progress at Worksport and TerraVis Energy.

On March 30, 2023, Rossi joined the conference’s “New EV Charging Solutions & Products” panel where he discussed Terravis Energy’s recent installation of two proprietary direct current (DC) electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations at Worksport’s West Seneca, NY factory. The two stations, each rated at 120 kilowatt-hours (kWh), are currently being used to provide power to the Company’s employees’ and stakeholders’ electric vehicles. “We believe that our EV charging solutions are among the best in the market because of their advanced technology, superior engineering, safety features, and user-friendly interfaces,” Rossi informed online conference attendees and co-panelists.

Rossi also spoke about customer interest in Worksport’s products, and commented that the demand for the COR battery system is anticipated to be higher than previously thought and said one of its unique features was that “anything that can be plugged into a wall outlet” could be plugged into the COR system. “With clean portable electricity,” Rossi said, “the COR battery system provides off-grid power, and changes the dynamics of the workplace, campsite or even a natural disaster or accident.”

In his closing comments, Rossi commented, “We believe we are in a strong positive position and remain on track towards executing our product development projects to create revenue generation, profitability and strong shareholder value in a volatile market.” The panel was hosted by M-Vest, presented by the Maxim Group and moderated by Tate Sullivan, Research Analyst at Maxim Group. Panelists included David Bibby, CEO Hypercharge, George Murickan, President of Pioneer Power Mobility, and Boaz Weizer, CEO, Zooz Power.