Mississauga – September 28, 2021 — Worksport Ltd (Nasdaq-CM: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company”) has appointed Mr. Sengkee Ahn and Mr. Mike Timmons to its Advisory Board.

The Company’s commitment to decarbonizing transportation and innovating how clean energy is produced and harnessed is paving the way for a global transition to solar- and Hydrogen-powered charging & storage technology solutions. The Company is focused on bringing such implementations to market that management believes have the potential to shift consumers’ utilization towards adopting these off-grid technologies. Management is confident that the Advisory appointments of Sengkee Ahn and Michael Timmons will enhance the Company’s go-to-market strategies in various channels as it nears production manufacturing.

Sengkee Ahn is a strategic advisor in business strategy and corporate development. Mr. Ahn has almost three decades of experience advising and working with some of the wealthiest organizations and individuals in Canada. He currently serves as Managing Director and Head of Private Banking, National Client Group, Central & Western Canada for National Bank. Previously, Mr. Ahn was the CFO for one of the largest alternative nicotine companies in North America and, before that, was Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for a large cannabis company in Southwestern Ontario. He spent over 20 years at RBC and CIBC, holding various senior positions in wealth management, Capital Markets, and Commercial Banking.

Worksport management believes that Mr. Ahn’s appointment to its Advisory Board will facilitate introductions in strategic circles where, in combination with the Company’s Independent Director, Amb. Siegel, advocacy for Worksport can make significant, expedited inroads.

“I am delighted to work with Worksport. They have the expertise, technology, and the drive to achieve significant growth in the automotive space and become the pioneers of clean fuel cell energy,” states Mr. Ahn.

Michael (Mike) Timmons is Director of Operations for BlackRidge Enterprises, a Division of Ken Garff Automotive, where he directly advises BlackRidge’s President and KGA Leadership on market strategy as well as eyeing synergistic identifiers between dealerships and specific accessory divisions. Previously, Mr. Timmons was VP of Truck Hero’s Jeep & Off-Road – Rugged Ridge | Omix-ADA Division, where he developed & oversaw core business practices that improved branding and new product development approaches.

Worksport management believes that Mr. Timmons’s appointment to its Advisory Board will enhance the Company’s GTM strategies across various channels with the potential to achieve a strong market-leading position as an innovator in the clean energy automotive sector.

“The new Terravis Energy division from Worksport is very electrifying. This cutting-edge, state-of-the-art bundle is what the Bed Cover and Truck Accessory market needed. With the world in need of more green alternative energy solutions, there seems to be endless opportunities for Worksport in so many markets,” states Mr. Timmons.