Solar Energy Stocks and Transportation Being Transformed by Solar Power

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Solar Energy Stocks and Transportation Being Transformed by Solar Power

Solar Stocks


Solar power is rapidly coming to the transportation industry and affects solar energy stocks. All the major auto manufacturers have introduced a hybrid, gas-electric vehicle. Solar stocks Tesla of course and the Chevrolet Volt are all electric. There are many more to come. In peering into the solar crystal ball, Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB: FNHI) and its innovative Worksport subsidiary are very optimistic. We are certain that there will soon be all-electric light trucks. Solar panels for light trucks and cars are already here.

Many promising developments in electric transportation and solar energy stocks

In looking at the industry at large or when trading penny stocks, there are some promising solar stocks and new developments.

The global logistics company DHL, the world’s biggest truck buyer, has designed and built its own electric delivery vehicles. DHL estimates 35,000 will be on the road by 2023.

Tesla, the leading all electric car maker, has already prototyped the Semi, an electric truck. Tesla claims it can haul a maximum vehicle weight meeting the 80,000 pounds. This is standard size for long-haul shipping. Walmart Inc. and PepsiCo Inc. are said to have already placed orders. As of today, Tesla is still taking reservations from Canadian customers at Tesla.com.

Best innovation from entrepreneurial companies

The real innovation, however, appears to come from smaller, entrepreneurial companies. A promising development are deploying solar panels on light trucks and autos. This should be significant to the solar energy stocks.

FNHI’s Helios tonneau cover, from Worksport, its wholly owned subsidiary, converts sunlight into storable energy. You can read more about the Helios on our investment opportunities page.

Solar power has many uses in light trucks.

Energy can be used for power electrical tools. It can also extend the driving range of a hybrid or fully electric light duty truck. Other contemplated applications include assisting refrigeration systems, powering lift gates or heating and cooling vehicles when engines are not running. During long periods of inactivity, batteries remain topped-up and ready. Solar provides a continuous trickle charge to the battery bank. This greatly assists while driving or during stationary periods.

In the automotive industry, and with reference to solar stocks, solar energy looms over electric cars. Solar Assisted Electric Vehicles (SAEVs) are considered the best possible option for solar cars, according to Engineering magazine. A solar roof designed to power the Toyota Prius was introduced though the results were not great. A high-end Nissan Leaf has used solar panels on top of the car to power certain functions, such as the computer system.

“Light trucks and other vehicles are clearly the wave of the future,” said FNHI CEO Steven Rossi.  “The time and effort we have put into the Helios tonneau cover should make it a game changer for solar energy stocks and so far it happens to be a good investment. It just needs some more investment capital and we will be there.” Follow Rossi on Twitter and learn more about Helios. He will be discussing it in an upcoming investor conference call.

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