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At this time, Franchise Holdings International is focused on taking our subsidiary, Worksport LTD, to its next level up. Worksport LTD is a manufacturer of quality, innovative and affordable tonneau covers for the light duty truck market in the United States and Canada. Even though this market is largely dominated by a major player who has been rolling up smaller competitors, Worksport is making an impact in the market. And is itself poised for massive growth, much of which will occur organically within the market.
Yes, we absolutely are! With our dual-listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) we expect to attract additional funding to grow the business. We are committed to being dual listed on both CSE and OTC:QB. We are pleased to report that Gunpowder Capital Corp. (CSE: GPC) has agreed to fund up to $450,000 post our CSE listing to fund inventory purchases, which will clearly support our goal to grow our revenue. This is a great motivator and a strong endorsement of our business model as we proceed to our CSE dual listing. Read more here regarding Gunpowder Capital Corp.’s investment in Franchise Holdings International.
If you are interested in a direct investment then we encourage you to get in touch with us using our contact form or by giving us a call. Together we will review specific opportunities. By investing directly in Franchise Holdings International you are directly supporting our growth.

If you are interested in buying shares on the open market you will need an online broker account like for example TD Ameritrade or Fidelity. Once you have access to your account you can find us on the OTC market under the symbol FNHI.

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The rebranding was successfully completed in early June 2018 with only a minimal delay in product availability. To account for this delay, we have adjusted our internal forecasting to recast May as a month of lower revenue. At the same time, we have been working down our Truxmart branded product. That said, we are in a great position to make the second half of 2019 our best six-month period yet.
The Worksport business is not inventory intensive. In fact, one of our advantages with our product line is that we require very few unique SKUs to support our business. This allows us to concentrate the use of funds to increase the inventories of our fastest moving products. And we don’t have to invest in building inventory of products we might not ever sell.
First, the market penetration for tonneau covers is very low at roughly 22 percent. This means that there are enormous growth opportunities for sales of the product. Second, we sell through distributors so our product fits nicely into their product portfolios that produce repeat business for them with their customers. Third, we are developing a limited number of parts and accessories for the Alpha line which will expand the utility of our tonneau covers for our customers. We expect this to create some add on sales for us and our distributors.
We expect to grow to $5,000,000 annual revenue within 12 months and up to $50,000,000 within 60 months after receiving $1,000,000 in funding. We expect to be operationally profitable at $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 in annual revenues; we run a very lean operation.
– A focus on revenues and inventory in the USA and Canada
– Growth in our private label business in the USA and Canada
– New product development
– Patent & Trademark development
– Launch in Latin American markets
– Sales into OEM markets
– Growing our B2B network in the USA and Canada
– Launch of Alpha and Alpha Helios products
– Exploration into other, related markets for revenues and earnings
Our margins for our subsidiary Worksport LTD used to be 18-24%. In 2017 we renegotiated our costs to manufacture and were able to reduce our cost by 17.9%, adding that directly to our bottom line. While our margins vary across our product lines we expect our profit margins to grow as our overall growth improvements in our economies of scale and we develop additional unique proprietary products. Our margins depend on each product line, its demand, inventiveness, and the clients negotiated price. Gross profit margin can range from 15% to over 100%. As we evolve our product line, we expect to have extremely enviable margins of profit because of our inventiveness, paired with our knack for protecting our inventions with a solid asset; our intellectual property portfolio.
No. Our business model with our subsidiary Worksport LTD is B2B through distributors and OEM sales. We support a three-step distribution model and work closely with our dealers and distributors to encourage our model. It is our opinion that B2C sales could place us in direct competition with our distribution channels and ourselves, hurting not only the brick and mortar stores that we support but also possibly unnecessarily driving down our own margins when we are already well positioned vis a vis price in the marketplace.

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Shareholder Value

Yes absolutely! We expect to attend investors conferences in Canada and the United States to increase overall interest and awareness of Franchise Holdings International. By presenting the FNHI investment opportunity to new investment institutions, retail investors, analysts who are not yet aware of our value and growth potential we will increase direct investment interest which ultimately will increase value for our shareholders. We believe the conferences are also create a forum in which we can meet in person with our current shareholders or potential new shareholders. Our IR team is continually scanning the marketplace to identify new opportunities. If you are aware of a conference that you believe would be in our best interest to participate in, we invite you to send us an email.
For several months we have been ramping up the activity of our IR team which is a key component in building our brand and marketplace awareness of our value as an investment vehicle and our growth potential. Our increased and improved online presence is expected to generate greater and more sustained interest in FNHI as we continue our growth and evolution.
We have an international patent application, that we expect to branch into two (or more) individual patents relating to that initiative, as it develops. We believe it’s only a matter of time before trucks are fully electric. With our patent we try to create and protect shareholder value. The Alpha Helios product is meant to constantly trickle charge electric trucks, reducing range anxiety and stops between trips. The Alpha Helios product has many uses outside of consumer trucks. We have worked on applications for military, relief support, remote operations…etc. We expect to develop this product further, post funding.

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