The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Are You Thinking What We’re Thinking?

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The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: Are You Thinking What We’re Thinking?

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Recently we discussed the possibility of an electric race car. In this edition of the FNHI blog we set our sights on the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series where they race pickup trucks. If you are not familiar with it, the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is a pickup truck racing series owned and operated by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). It is the only series in all of NASCAR to race modified production pickup trucks.

The first thing we notice about these pickup trucks is that the truck bed is covered. Well, that and the elongated roll cage that extends into the truck bed. Now, back to the truck bed, we think it would look pretty cool to have specially designed Worksport truck covers on all those race trucks.

But wait! If an electric race car is not far away, can an electric race truck be far behind? This is where it gets really interesting. Can you imagine each truck bed covered by a Worksport Alpha Helios energy producing truck cover? If you follow traditional racing you know that fuel strategy is often a key factor in who wins the race. It is not just how fast you can drive but also how well you can conserve fuel in the process of creating all that speed. The Helios truck cover would not only cover the truck bed of a race truck but it in providing additional energy, it could also play a key role in a fuel/energy strategy that could determine the winner of a race. And this could work for either a fully electric truck or a hybrid gas and electric version which is likely to be the intermediate step between an all gas and an all-electric race truck.

In researching content for this blog, we discovered a few nuggets about NASCAR fans and thought it would be cool to share. For example, they are loyal to the brands that support their favorite drivers and there are 65 million of them in the US, 62 percent being males. The average household income is 70K per year and one in three households have kids. And 58 percent of fan base lives outside of the southeast, which is interesting given that NASCAR originated in the south. The highest concentration of fans are in Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas.

Could Worksport one day play a major role in pickup truck racing world?
The FNHI Team