Project-Based Graphic Designer


Project-Based Graphic Designer


Remote or in-office


$35-75$ per hour

About the Company:

Worksport is a cutting-edge automotive and technology company focused on transforming the pickup truck industry. Our mission is to create innovative and intelligent accessories that enhance the practical capabilities of today’s pickup trucks while also anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of tomorrow. By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative designs, we aim to elevate the pickup truck to new heights of functionality, convenience, and sustainability. We have offices in Canada and the US, with employees spanning across both countries. We also operate a factory in China predominantly focused on our conventional truck accessories.

Position Overview:

We are in search of an exceptionally talented and imaginative Graphic Designer to join our team, infusing our brand’s visual identity and messaging with new energy on a project-specific basis. This is a part-time, project-based role with full-time, permanent opportunities available in the future. There may also be a possibility that we will shift this to a full-time role if it is determined to be a great fit.

The perfect candidate will embody a deep passion for design, possess an acute attention to detail, and thrive as an autonomous self-starter who can adeptly translate guidance into captivating designs. As a Graphic Designer, you will actively collaborate with cross-functional teams including Marketing, Sales, Investor Relations, and beyond, to craft visually arresting assets tailored for diverse objectives. Your creative contributions will span a spectrum of mediums including web design, print materials, PowerPoint presentations, intricate image enhancements using Photoshop, and beyond.


  • Conceptualize and create visually engaging designs for various digital and print media on a project basis, including advertisements, social media graphics, brochures, flyers, logos, website elements, and more.
  • Produce innovative design solutions that differentiate our brand in a competitive landscape.
  • Adapt to different design styles and standards as required by specific projects in Marketing, Sales, Investor Relations, and other areas.
  • Collaborate closely with different teams to align visual elements with the brand strategy for each project.
  • Develop and execute design concepts from initial sketches to final deliverables, ensuring high-quality standards throughout the creative process.
  • Work with other team members to integrate visual and written content seamlessly.
  • Stay updated on design trends, industry standards, and emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge designs.
  • Contribute innovative design ideas during brainstorming sessions.
  • Adjust designs based on feedback and iterate as needed to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, meeting project deadlines.
  • Maintain organized files, documentation, and asset libraries for efficient collaboration and reference.
  • Provide input to improve design processes and workflows.


  • Proven experience as a Graphic Designer with a portfolio showcasing a range of design work across different media. A copy of your portfolio should be included with your resume.
  • Proficiency in graphic design software, including Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.).
  • Solid understanding of design principles, typography, color theory, and layout design.
  • Strong communication skills to present and explain design concepts and decisions.
  • Detail-oriented mindset with a focus on accuracy and consistency.
  • Time management skills and the ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines.
  • Collaboration and teamwork abilities, with a willingness to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Familiarity with web design principles and basic HTML/CSS knowledge is a plus (preferred, not required).

Employee Benefits:

As a project-based employee, you will receive compensation based on the projects you work on. While you won’t be eligible for some of our full-time benefits, we value your contributions to our projects and will compensate you accordingly.

Join our team and contribute your creative expertise to elevate our brand’s visual presence and engagement across various areas, including Marketing, Sales, Investor Relations, and more. If you’re passionate about design and excited to bring innovative ideas to life, we’d love to hear from you!

We understand the importance of close collaboration, and we will ensure to check in with you before proceeding with any project to ensure it aligns with your creative direction and project requirements!

About Worksport

Worksport, Ltd. is on a mission to make a difference. We own the IP on a variety of tonneau covers, solar integrations and non-parasitic hydrogen energy solutions for the automotive and clean energy industries. In 2023, we will begin manufacturing our advanced products, including our flagship solar tonneau cover, SOLIS, in West Seneca, NY.

Application: Project-Based Graphic Designer


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