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Our Expectations

Revenue Growth

Over the past several years we have laid a strong foundation to support the massive growth we are anticipating. However, achieving significant revenue growth for Worksport, has three path:


We are committed to managing our expenses to free up additional capital to use for inventory growth, but sustainable long term geometric growth will require an infusion of capitalThe first step is to continuly cycle profits from sales back into inventory. One of the key factors for success and growth are, and will always remain, having a significant amount of inventory of our existing products ready to go at all times. The reason for this is because selling the products themselves has never been an issue for Worksport™, but rather having enough product ready to be sold at all times remains the key to growth and success.

We are committed to managing our expenses to free up additional capital to use for inventory growth, but sustainable long term geometric growth will require an infusion of capital.

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As we release our full suite of products, we’re actively seeking our new and bigger dealers to carry our products. We have a national sales force ready and waiting to march accross North America and make sure all of Worksports™ products are available to the masses. Our growth depends on increasing our fill rates and keeping them at high levels going forward. And that depends on our ability to invest in required inventory levels. Growing our inventory levels will keep Worksport™ among the fastest growing companies. As our dealer network and capital investments expand, revenue will grow exponentially.



Worksport will leverage the TerraVis™ system and its position as a tier one OEM manufacturer to secure future partnerships and distribution of its conventional truck bed tonneau covers. We will position ourselves as a leading manufacturer of both conventional truck bed tonneau covers and our TerraVis™ systems for both the OE Trucks and our diverse, and growing, customer portfolio in the automotive aftermarket / upfitting markets. TerraVis™ and Worksport™ is poised to become the leading cover and brand for the future of the light truck market. With TerraVis™ as our flagship product, and our evolving lineup of conventional covers, we’ll be able to attack the existing marketplace from a position of strength while being at the forefront of tomorrow’s light truck and EV marketplace.

Listen to an interview with CEO Steven Rossi about the TerraVis™(Formally Helios).

Visibility and Brand Management

For any company to succeed it must differentiate itself in the marketplace where it competes. Worksport™ understands this at a very deep level and is actively working with its marketing team to expand its online presence, brand recognition and offline exposure. Our online Brand Management and Visibility Program includes major improvements from our websites, our online marketing and our astute utilization of social media to fuel our strategy. We expect this program to produce initial results late 2020 and reach full impact in 2021. The online exposure for Worksport™ will help in the vision of accelerating growth. This to stay among the fastest growing companies in the market.

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Growth Vision, Regional Focus

Worksport™ has a view of commerce and economic opportunity. And we are open to evaluate opportunities as they present themselves. However, our current focus is growing Worksport™ in the United States and Canada. These markets are only 22% penetrated leaving a huge market opportunity for Worksport™ and its competitors. Our research confirms that in North America 2,500 covers are sold every day in the SEM market alone which translates into annual sales of $638 million a year. This points to a market potential of $2.2 billion per year that has not yet been captured. Competitors have earned $500 million to over $1 billion in revenues. Further proof of the enormous growth potential in this space is that our two closest competitors are in acquisition mode, with acquisitions valued upwards of $125 million USD. Competitor revenues said to be $600 million to $1.2 billion USD. Competitors are selling up to and over 1,700,000 tonneau covers per year, in the United States alone with an average selling price of $525 USD ($750 retail).

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