Worksport Ltd. To Apply for ISO 9000 Certification

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, June 20, 2023 – Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) is excited to announce that it plans to apply for ISO 9000 certification, an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems, for its wholly owned 220,000 sq. ft. Western N.Y. manufacturing facility. With a new manufacturing line in the test and training phase, the Company expects soon to […]

Worksport LTD Unveils Strategic Relocation of Corporate Headquarters to its Facility in West Seneca, NY, Production Expected to Start Within 8 Weeks

WEST SENECA, NY, June 12, 2023 — Worksport LTD (NASDAQ: WKSP; WKSPW), a pioneering manufacturer of state-of-the-art truck bed covers, heralds an era of heightened productivity and growth with the strategic relocation of its corporate headquarters from Ontario, Canada to its U.S.-based manufacturing facility in West Seneca, New York. This decisive move is perfectly timed […]

Worksport to Introduce Higher Quality, More Powerful COR Portable Energy System for Possible Assembly in North America

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, June 6, 2023 — Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) is excited to provide an update on its groundbreaking COR portable battery power generator system. Since the last update in September 2022, Worksport’s power electronics engineering team has identified challenges in the production of innovative power electronics in China. The team […]

Worksport to Hold Second Job Fair at West Seneca, N.Y. Facility on June 6

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, May 30, 2023 — Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) is happy to announce that it will hold a second Job Fair at its new state-of-the-art U.S. automotive accessory factory at 2500 North America Drive, West Seneca, N.Y., from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6. At this wholly owned 220,000 sq. ft facility, the Company […]

Worksport Hard-Folding Truck Cover Samples Approved for Production by National U.S. Automotive Aftermarket Reseller

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, May 24, 2023 — Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) is pleased to announce that a national U.S. customer and reseller of automotive aftermarket accessories has approved the hard-folding light truck cover samples the Company had supplied previously for the reseller’s review and testing.   The customer previously had made known its intention to review […]

Worksport Ltd. Hires New Key Staff Members in Preparation of U.S. Factory Production of Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, May 17, 2023 — Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) is pleased to announce that in preparation for the Company’s anticipated launch of its light truck hardcover assembly in its wholly owned 220,000 sq. ft. West Seneca, N.Y. manufacturing facility, the Company has hired ten new staff members, including Manufacturing and Industrial […]

Worksport Completes Installation of Custom Manufacturing Line, Ready for Training, Tests and Finalization of Assembly Line for Production

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, May 4, 2023 — Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW) (the “Company” or “Worksport”) is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation of its US$4 million custom European manufacturing line, which was delivered to the Company’s facility in West Seneca, New York earlier than expected this past March, allowing Worksport to begin rigorously training its staff and […]



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