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Can NASCAR Ever Become Environmentally Friendly?

The NASCAR season has passed the half-way point. As the excitement builds toward the Chase and the season’s conclusion we find ourselves intrigued by the possibility of electric race cars. Most long-term NASCAR fans and gearheads have a special love for the smell of the exhaust fumes from the powerful gasoline engines they run. If…
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Invest in Solar technology pickup trucks

On the Journey to the Fully Electric Pickup Truck

Our Worksport subsidiary is developing the Helios tonneau cover. The Helios is designed to capture rays from the sun, store it in a battery and use it to supply electricity to the truck owner for a variety of purposes. Initially, this electricity will be used to power anything from lights to tools. But as electric…
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Driving sales invest in growing company

What’s Driving Ford and GM’s Decisions to Increase Truck Production?

Recently, both Ford and General Motors announced that they were reducing production of cars and moving that freed up manufacturing capacity to produce more trucks, SUVs and Crossovers. And while we at FNHI see that as a potential positive for our Worksport subsidiary, one wonders what is really behind these decisions. There is no shortage…
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Growth Investing

List of acquired tonneau cover companies

One of the questions our shareholders and potential investors consistently ask relates to the sale of our Worksport subsidiary. As you know, Worksport manufactures and sells tonneau covers for light duty truck market. While we prefer not to speculate about such matters, we are keenly aware of the pace of merger and acquisition activity in…
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