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Congratulations on taking the first step to a greener tomorrow. Worksport and Terravis Energy are dedicated to reducing emissions and working towards a carbon-free future.

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Early Investor Opportunity!

Hyundai wants this company’s off-grid power source in their trucks!(1)

Successful investments leave clues. Diversity and innovation are an integral part of Worksport’s plan for the future.

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Planning to become a global original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

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USD of successful Fund raising in 20XX


Patents and 24 trademarks on energy products and tonneau covers

Early Investor Opportunity!

Hyundai wants this company’s off-grid power source in their trucks!(1)

Successful investments leave clues. Diversity and innovation are an integral part of Worksport’s plan for the future.


Worksport signs with Hyundai to become OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

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Electric trucks estimated on the road by 2031


Patents and 24 trademarks on energy products and tonneau covers



  • To reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the worldwide investment will have to triple over the next few years
  • Climate change is directly linked to the use of fossil fuels
  • Renewable energy investments are predicted to be worth $50-$142 Trillion by 2050
  • Profits from green electricity are 367% higher than those from fossil fuels in the past decade

A MULTI-BILLION Dollar Opportunity…

The best way to invest in clean energy (according to Wikipedia) is to invest in a stock that encompasses numerous technologies, allowing for unlimited growth potential. Worksport, with its subsidiary, Terravis Energy continues to adapt its technologies, offering long-term staying power to an ever-growing industry.


Terravis System


NPEV Charging Station


Tonneau Covers


Renewable electricity growth is accelerating

Renewables are set to account for almost 95% of the increase in global power capacity through 2026. The amount of renewable capacity added over the period of 2021 to 2026 is expected to be 50% higher than from 2015 to 2020.

Renewable Electricity expected to increase in capacity through 2026


CLEAN energy is growing Popularity worldwide

Renewable energy deployments are self-reinforcing. As renewables grow in popularity, expand their political influence and attract more funding, it becomes easier to leverage greater policy support and financial backing. As financiers become more familiar with the technical and project risks of renewable energy, the cost of capital decreases. In addition, evidence suggests the spread of renewable energy is socially contagious — when one house installs rooftop solar, neighbors are more likely to install rooftop solar themselves.

success is not about competing, it’s being at the forefront of thought leadership in an industry with (traditionally) limited vision.

Steven Rossi, Worksport CEO



An investment in Worksport is an investment into several potential income streams. The staying power of tonneau covers the carbon-reducing benefits of the electric vehicle market and the rising value of the energy storage markets of the future.


Pickup trucks sold in 2020


Projection of secured market share for electric vehicles in 2030


Energy storage market’s projected value in 2027
Fortune Business Insights

Worksport’s Terravis Energy is in the right place and time to make a difference.

Renewables require continued innovation efforts to bridge the gaps in integration technologies. New designs and prototypes are needed to expand the reach and optimize results.

Terravis Energy, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures clean, green energy solutions to power lifestyle markets. 

Terra=Earth, Vis=Force. Terravis Energy is committed to the development of new technologies. 

With an ever-expanding portfolio of intellectual properties and trademarks, Terravis Energy is conquering the emissions dilemmas of the future, working towards a carbon-free tomorrow.

Solar Energy

Experience solar energy at its finest with Terravis Energy technology. Harness the power of the sun even in less than ideal conditions.

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen is a zero-carbon renewable fuel offering greater efficiency than other clean energy sources.

Worksport COR Portable ESS

Power that goes where needed, the Worksport COR uses Terravis Energy technology to provide the most up-to-date portable ESS on the market.

NPEV Chargers

Charge electric vehicles in a fraction of the time and at pennies on the dollar with the power of hydrogen.

Worksport SOLIS, Solar Tonneau

All the benefits of a traditional tonneau with the unexpected twist of solar charging capability. Pair with the Worksport COR for limitless clean energy on the go.


Worksport is trusted by Canadian Federal Government Partner, MITACS

See our recent Press Releases about the Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS), a nonprofit Canadian national research organization. In partnership with the Canadian Federal Government a grant proposal in the amount of $1.15M was awarded to Worksport and Ontario Technical University (OTU). Thie grant supports the pursuit of enterprise implementation of the Worksport NPEV fast-charging system. The prototype for this system is currently in the research and development phase and is anticipated to be released to the public later this year.

$ 0 M
1.15 M is the amount that Terravis Energy Inc., has been granted.

Experience meets Innovation

2022 is a time of great growth and realizing the fulfillment of projects for the Worksport Team. Below are some of the milestones expected for this coming year.

Q1 2022
  • Complete Assessment of West Seneca, USA manufacturing facility
  • Launch TVE web portal
  • Launch New Worksport eCommerce platform
  • Increased marketing spend for pre-order and B2C sales from eCommerce platform
  • Initial NPEV prototypes released
    End of Q1 2022
    • Set up TVE research facility in Markham, Ontario
    • Begin Manufacturing all products in the US
    • Release update on the pre-order campaign
    Q2 2022
    • Launch Worksport new TC3 hardcover
    • Get Worksport COR production prototypes
    • Send production prototypes for testing with influencers
    • Production prototype of SOLIS released
    Q2/Q3 2022
    • Release Worksport Terravis System to public
    • Launch Worksport's unique soft cover design that will change how tonneaus are made


    2021 Provided a Rock-Solid Foundation for a Potential Banner 2022 for Worksport Ltd.

    According to CEO Steven Rossi, “In 2021 we focused our efforts on building inventory, knowing the transition from manufacturing in China to manufacturing in North America was going to cost us some production days. Overall, we are in a good position now to revamp our manufacturing and sales practices…”(4)

    This under-the-radar company has all the potential to profit from the most important cause on the planet - reduced emissions and clean, reliable off-grid energy.

    0 M

    In 2021, Worksport raised approximately $30 million, established Audit, Compensation and Corporate Governance Committees, formed Terravis Energy Inc, built pre-production prototypes for the Worksport COR and SOLIS, and created an Advisory Board.

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    In February 2022, Simply WallStreet wrote that Worksport, Ltd. (NASDAQ: WKSP), “appears quite good value at a 45% discount to where the stock price trades currently” (5)

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    Worksport Ltd. was founded in 2011 with a passion for making products better, simpler, and more beautiful, bringing innovation to an innovation-less market.

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